Indigo Page 6 Complete

I want to pop in to celebrate finishing page 6 of 30 on my Indigo cross stitch project.  I am very excited to say that I have been consistently working on one cross stitch project (before it was 5 at a time) and have been consistently stitching almost everyday (before it was maybe 3 days a week).

Indigo page 6

Pat on the back for me!

I also wanted to share my way of stitching.  I know  there is the parking method and that’s the only one I know that has an official name.  I have not tried this method and I may never, I have found a way that works pretty well for me.

This current project has a huge background that is a dark and boring color.  I get bored working with a single color for too long and working with a dark color doesn’t help.

So my way of working on the background without getting bored is by doing a single thread of background in between single threads of another color.

Sometimes I stitch it up and do a whole day of only one color but that’s only if I really need to get moving on a certain color in order to get to some of the other colors.

I start on the page I want to complete when I have done all the stitches of that color on that page, and still have thread left, I look at near by pages to find more stitches to do.

Thanks for reading about my stitching process.  I would love to see how other stitch especially if you use the park method.


2 thoughts on “Indigo Page 6 Complete

  1. Congrats on finishing the page. It looks really good too ^_^. You know it sounds like you do cross-country stitching…confetti stitching…block stitching? Totally call it all your own! We all conform the general term for the initial stitch technique and fit it to what suits us best. That’s one of the fun things in cross stitching.


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