Five Minute Friday

Real (Five Minute Friday)

Life is real, real hard that is.

Trying to make a living while balancing time with your family.  Money is it everything sure I wish we had more and am always looking for another job, but not one that takes me too far from my family or I am only working to pay for daycare.

Raising two children to be strong smart and loving.  This is not so hard, just lead by example, as long as I stay strong for my family am always looking to learn something and show my love for the people around my kids will pick up on that and do the same.

Keeping a relationship going with your significant other.  This can be hard especially with the above mentioned coming in to play, and I am working to put forth more effort.

All while taking care of yourself making sure you are happy by not putting too many other people before yourself.

I love my life and my family.  I am trying not to make this so hard.  I make sure everyone around me is taken care of while also making sure to give time to myself.  I was once selfish only thinking of myself but I have been working on that.  I don’t want to be completely selfless because then I know I wouldn’t be happy.  I know what really makes me happy and I have to be the one to make sure I get a little bit of happiness each day.

We should all be doing that.

Have you had some happiness today.


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