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Scrapbook Saturday Pages 3&4

This week I scrapbooked Morgan’s sickness and Jordan losing two of his baby teeth.

scrapbook morgan

The pictures I took of Morgan kept coming out blurry.  I didn’t really notice at the time, I have to take pictures of her quickly she always wants to see them even if I haven’t taken them yet.  I printed the pictures anyway I thought they were very fitting, they look just like I’m sure she felt.

I bought a sticker pack to go with this, it was a nurses set so I only used the ones that would be relevant to a patient.  Down the side I listed the only things she would eat Juice Crackers Melp (this is how she says milk) and Yogurt.  It still hurts my heart at how sick she was.

scrapbook jordan

For Jordan’s page I took a close up of his mouth and one of his teeth in the little treasure box (his were actually pulled out at the dentist’s office they did not fall out on their own).

I cut out my own little teether shapes from just regular printer paper.

I framed all the picture and dated them.

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