Elementary School Days

Elementary School Days


Jordan is such a smart kid.  Ever since he was a toddler he learned new things so quickly.  You tell him something or show him how to do something and within minutes he has it down.  This kid also remembers everything, I often have to ask him to fill in details of an event that I just can’t remember.

He will be on spring break next week and I want to put together some activities for him to learn some new things/concepts.  I was going to school to get my licence as an elementary school teacher, I have since changed my mind, but did take enough courses to be better equipped to help him learn something new.

We will of course be crafting as well.  For the past few weeks we have started a routine of crafting (mostly scrapbooking or drawing), playing a game, then a TV show or movie all during Morgan’s nap.   We will continue this during spring break and I hope to do some stuff while Morgan is up so we can get more done in a day because I know he will be wanting to spend the night with some of his grandma’s and I want Morgan to participate in some the activities.

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