Planner week 12/Tip 7

Great week over here!

Starting Friday March 13 the kids and I have been going to the park after Jordan gets out of school.  This has been great for us.

Jordan always asks when I pick him up can we go somewhere, he doesn’t ask anymore.  Now he asks which park should we go to, I give him some options (we have a lot of parks in out neighborhood) and he makes the finale pick.  Some other options we have for places to go after school are grocery shopping, library, or play at the mall (I will save that for when it gets too hot to play outside).

Morgan loves playing at the park (the sand box is her favorite), and I’m sure she wants to get out of the house.  We don’t get out much.  Nothing is open when we drop Jordan off for school and I don’t like to leave twice, once I am home I just want to stay.  So this gives her something to do when she is all played out with home.

I also enjoy it as well, seeing Jordan make new friends and come up with fun new games to play.  I also love the fresh air and sun, I need to get a jump start on my tan.

I am only about halfway through my first read of the month.  It is a good book but not that easy of a read.  the writer doesn’t use quotation makers when someone talks and it’s not always clear to me who say what sometimes there is more than one speaker that the writer put all in one paragraph).  So I have scheduled a few day a week to read at least 50 pages.

Speaking of schedule, this week’s planner tip is schedule time for your planner.  You schedule everything else in your planner why not set a minutes aside each day to look over your planner see what’s coming up for that day or the next day for that matter, schedule anything you forgot, and cross off anything you have already done.

March plannerMarch planner

March plannerMarch planner

I have been following some great planner blogs lately and may list them here for those of you interested.

Thanks for reading have a great week!


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