Quilt Part Two

After the ironing and pinning I was ready to sew it all together, but first I needed to check on my sewing machine.  I was pretty sure I had broke my last needle the last time I used it, which was so long ago.

I was right, no needle.  I plugged the machine in still to make sure everything is running smoothly, and it was.

I put it up until I could get to the craft store to pick up some new needles, which was a few days later.  I didn’t know which one to get because I have no information in my sewing machine on the size or type of needle to get so I tried to remember what the old ones looked like, and picked up the ones that were most like the ones I remember.

They fit!

I sewed all around the quilt, inside out with the batting on top, except for about 6 inches so I can pull it right side out.

I then hand stitched the little opening closed.

I am going to do some more hand sewing over the top of the quilt to help the batting stay flat and not bunch up.



Questions for other quilters.

What types of stitching do you do to finish your quilt?

Is there anything else I need to do before I call this a finished project?

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