Five Minute Friday

Break (Five Minute Friday)

I had to take a break from my normal cleaning/crafting routine. I got into this new series. It is similar to the 50 shades of gray series. So if you didn’t like those books then don’t keep reading.

I know lot’s of authors have tried to cash in and recreate 50 shades but have failed miserably, I can’t even get past 50 pages before I am like this is either too similar or just plain garbage.

But the After series, I think it 4 books, has really done it. It is still somewhat similar to 50 shades but a little toned down (not a bunch of whips and chains at least not yet I am only half way through the first book). I grabbed the first three and I think I will have them read in 3 weeks or less that is how fast I have blown through the first book.

Again it is the After series by Anna Todd. If you liked the 50 shades series or would like something a little more toned down I highly recommend this series.

It is so damn good!


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