Toddler Days

Toddler Days


Morgan is just too smart.  she knows just what to do to get a rise out of Jordan and me but not her dad, she knows he don’t play that.

To Jordan, she will touch anything is is using.  He hates it and she loves it.  Just the other day she was stomping on the book he was showing me, she still doesn’t like me to give give others my attentions.  Or she will slowly pull on something he has, like his blanket (Jordan don’t play when it comes to his blankets and pillows).  Jordan was on the couch watching TV warm under his blanket, Morgan came along to say hi and give him a hug, he was too into his show to notice.  So she slowly started pulling on his blanket he noticed that and started fighting back for it.  Morgan is strong and stubborn she was not going to give up I had to step in and tell her to leave him alone.

To me, she likes to act like she is helping, I make such a big deal anytime she helps me, but she stops half way.  For example I was picking up a mess of papers SHE made.  She came over to help “Oh thank you sooooo much, you are such a good helper!”  She handed me two stacks of paper and on the third one she just stopped half way.  She just stands there frozen as a grin creeps across her face.  Then she cracks up, she knows I hate it.  I playfully yell “Come on now why are you doing this to me.”  She also likes to freeze on the way to the car or house.  She walks along side me like a big girl, I am either talking or looking around thinking she is next to me until I look over and she is gone.  She is a few feet behind me frozen, or sometimes after I catch her frozen she will run to catch up but then start running backwards after I say “good girl” or “thank you.”

This kid is something else, I have never seen a 17 month old do stuff like this.


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