Planner Week 13/Tip #8

I had this week off, the little girl I nanny’s parents are teachers so when they’re off so am I.  I used this time to get caught up on reading, I finished the first book of the month, get caught up on crafting, I cross stitched so much I had to wear my wrist brace to bed, and get ahead on my blog.  It might not show in planner though, because I did a lot more doing and a lot less planning.

I also took Morgan out to story time at the library.  I wanted to make sure she got some sort of interaction with children her age even if it was only for an hour.





This weeks planner tip is to make any additions to your planner as you see fit.  There is no such thing as a perfect planner.  When I first bought my planner I thought it was perfect.  It had plenty of space for me to fill in my To Do’s ( I thought that that was all I needed) but as I get more and more reliant/obsessed with my planner and with planner accessories, I have spotted a few areas that my planner is lacking.
So this week I added a place to hold my sticky notes.  I got tired of toting them around in my backpack and they either fall out ot get messed up when I am digging around for other things.
sticky note dashboard
This is basically a strip of plastic that came off of something I bought.  I hole punched it and cut slits in it so I can slip it in my planner.  I will have a DIY post on this later, you can make adjustments as needed to fit you planner.
Have a great week!

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