Elementary School Days

Elementary School Days

Jordan is back in school today!

I am excited, not only because the house will be a little quieter during the day, but also because I want to get back to our routine.

Jordan on the other hand is not so excited, which I am very surprised by he loves school but I guess not as much as being home with Morgan and me.  He went around telling everyone that he doesn’t have school today, he also asked if he can take a break from school on Tuesday and Thursday so he can go to work with me again.  I took him Thursday.  He liked playing with both toddlers but was so bored during nap/quite time.

He spent two nights at my mother’s house, he had so much fun and was very sad when it was time to come home.  They went to the park, they went to the Dollar Tree to load up on paper crafting supplies, they came home to craft, they watched movies, and they stayed up late (I think he liked this part the most).

We did a few crafts here at home, which included decorating Easter eggs, and putting together Easter baskets.

Although I wish we could have done more, he had a great spring break (this was confirmed be his countless attempts to get out of going to school).

spring break/Easter


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