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Scrapbook Saturday Pages 5&6

This week produced some super fun/cute pages.

My son loves to paint, draw, design, and anything else he can do to use his creative mind.  So I made an artsy page to reflect this.

I started by first cutting down my paper to an 8×8 square.  I then stamped stars across the page using bright yellow paint.  Then I added number cards, an arrow card, and washi tape to fill in this page.

My favorite part of the page are the stamped stars.  I will be doing this more it adds so much depth to the simple chevron patterned papers I have been using in this book.


Morgan and I nanny a little girl that we have come to love.  I snapped a few pics of them while they were playing.  I cut them down (this first time I have really cut down a picture) to fit the page better.  I added gold chipboard letters, washi tape, and circle flowers I made from tissue paper circles and white brads.

My favorite part of the page are the pictures.  I will have to cut them down more often, they really pop this way.


Most of the items on these two pages came from a new subscription that sends out scrapbooking supplies once a month.  This was from the first month, I will share more when next month box comes.  I absolutly love it, if you want to check it out now you can go here or to abeautiflumess.com and check out their other products and blog.

I am not being paid for this I just love their stuff and wanted to let other scrapbookers know about their great products.


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