Planner Week 14/Tip #9

This was such a nice and relaxing week.

Jodan was off from school this week and spent two nights at my mother’s house.  I was able to sleep in a lot and got a ton of reading done (I have read the first 3 books in the after series and can’t wait to share that with you all).  My husband was off on Friday which was a nice treat for us, we even had a date night (we went to go see Furious Seven, it was good but just too drawn out and unrealistic).

Even though I enjoyed the relaxing, do whatever whenever week we had I am excited to get back into our routine.

My planner tip for this week is to keep your planner safe.  If you are like me I have my planner with me wherever I go and while my planner was in my ever stuff backpack, something leaked onto a few of the pages.  It wasn’t that bad but it could have been worse.

So this week I am putting my planner and blog notebook in a small bag to keep it safe when it is in my backpack.  I am using one that my son got from Subway (their kids meals come with a reusable lunch bad).  I will use this one until I can make a cuter one.  I might also make a small pen case to keep it as neat as possible on the inside.  I will put together a DIY post once it is done.



I made a folder for my planner I got the idea from another blogger who likes planners more than me you can see how she made her’s here at jumpyjess. I will also make my own DIY post on the veriations I did to make mine work for my planner.

Have a great week!


7 thoughts on “Planner Week 14/Tip #9

  1. Love the folder you made! Turned out great! 😉 I know exactly what you mean wth planner safety, although it depends on the planner I think. For a few months I was using my Kikki K planner, and as you might know, those are stunningly beatiful, but also quite delicate.. So I used some kind of big pouch to store the planner in, because I didn’t want it to get dirty or scratched. But then talking about the “MIdori traveler’s notebook” that I just made and am using as planner now, to take a break from the rings”, Things are totally different! Because getting scratches or dirt or whatever, just adds to look. The more used it looks, the better and more unique! I have to be honest, it feels kinda refreshing not to have to worry about it getting dirty! 😀


    1. I had never heard of a Mlodori Traveler’s Notebook before, I would live to see yours. They do look rustic and I like that. I had been thinking of binding my own notebook maybe I could bind my own planner as well


      1. Yess you definitely should try it! 😀 I will make a setup video about mine soon! Then you’ll see how I’ve set mine up, and maybe it can give you some ideas? 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! 😀


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