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Spring Break Painting

We did some painting over my son’s spring break.  I know this doesn’t seem like much or that big of a deal but we haven’t painted on canvas’ in so long and this is Morgan’s first time painting.

I originally wanted to paint a pattern over the canvas and have the kids paint over that.  I only ended up doing two of the canvas’ (one bright yellow stars {like the ones I did for this scrapbook page} and the other blue butterfly’s) and I’m glad I only did that, Jordan didn’t want to use them which was fine because I liked what he did all on his own.

Jordan painted 3, he used acrylic paint in 6 different colors, he mostly used paint brushes but he also did some finger painting.

Jordan turned this into these…




Morgan painted over the two that I stamped.



I am glad she used the stamped canvas’ because she only ended up painting in one spot.  (These were very easy to put together in only took a few minutes.  You can just dip stamps in a very thin layer of paint and stamp the canvas where ever you choose).



We had fun painting outside while listening to Jack Johnson Radio on Pandora (this was Jordan’s idea he painted how he felt while the music played with his eyes closed in art class).  The music made it so relaxing and by painting outside, I didn’t have to worry about any mess, it was a stress free evening.


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