Toddler Days

Android Apps for Toddlers

Morgan is 18 Months now and is getting more interested in electronics and getting better at using them (she used to press the home button over and over).  I have recently downloaded a few apps for her on my android smart phone and wanted to share which ones she likes and why so that those of you with toddlers can try them out.

  1. Toddler Food:     Morgan loves to eat and she loves shoving food in peoples’ mouth just as much.  In this app you child can choose a food and a deep voice tells them what it is , tap again and a simple smiley face opens their mouth and eats it.                                                                                                                            Toddler food
  2. Save the Marine Animals:     Morgan loves bubbles especially the popping part.  In this app you child can pop bubbles to release sea animals before they float to the top, they are rewarded with a popping sound each time.Save the Marine Animals
  3. Animal Matching:     Morgan loves animals and learning the sounds they make.  In this app you toddlers can tap cards until they find the two that match they are rewarded with the sound that the matched animal makes.Animal Matching
  4. Toddler Animal Learn:     Again Morgan loves animals and hearing the sounds they make.  In this app you toddler can touch one of many animals to hear the name of the animal and the sound it makes.  Once your child learns all the animals there is another level they can play.  This level will ask where an animal is and you child has to find it.Toddler Animal Learn

These apps are fun and educational, they all keep little ones distracted when you really need to get something done.

What apps do your toddlers play?

Or is there something else you use to keep you toddler occupied while you get some work done?  I could always use some other ideas just in case these get old for her.

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