Five Minute Friday

RELIEF (Five Minute Friday)


What a relief it’s Friday!

I love Friday nights, getting to stay up late with my husband, we usually just watch TV together but it’s nice to have a long evening together.  We can laugh and joke around and not have to worry about getting to bed soon because he has to be up for work and I have to be up to take Jordan to school.

I also like Fridays because the next day is Saturday, the whole family is together we hang out the whole time.  The house goes to shit but I don’t care I have all next week to clean it back up.  We don’t eat as healthy as we should but again I don’t care because we have all next week to make up for it.

And now that spring is finally here we get out and take walks or go to the park as a family which is so much better that way one of us can play with Jordan when it’s just me and the kids at the park I end up have to follow Morgan around and can’t give as much attention to Jordan as I would like to.

What a relief the weekend is here!



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