Book Review

Lost and Found Review

Lost and Found by: Brooke Davis

Lost and Found Novel

This book was pretty good.  I writing style was a little hard for me to get used to but once I did reading it got much easier.  The lack of quotation marks and multiple people speaking in a single paragraph was what was really throwing me off, you would think that this wouldn’t really matter but when you are used to reading a certain way it’s hard to read any other way.

I found the book to be very funny, the two old people especially, I just hope I am not that weird when I get older, but the result of their weirdness probably stems from the loss of their significant other.

The ending was a little vague.  I am pretty sure Millie never found her mother, but I am not sure who she spent the rest of her childhood with, was it with the two old people or her aunt?  If you or someone you know has read this book can you please clear this up for me?

The whole journey from when the old man found Millie at the mall up until they are just a few miles away from her mother is just one big comical event.  The two old people find themselves again and are just as wild as a couple of teenagers.  They get into more trouble than Millie does.

Over all a pretty good read but I may have to reread it to clear up a few questions I have.


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