Toddler Days

Toddler Days

We have just recently started potty training with Morgan who is 18 months now.

I started potty training Jordan at this age.  He was so easy.  We started by just trying once a day and once he got comfortable with that we slowly added in more times a day that he had to go.  By  2.5 he was fully potty trained only very rarely did he pee in his diaper during naps or overnight.

He was easy but I don’t know if Morgan will be.  It has been at least 3 maybe even 4 weeks since we started but she has only just peed in the potty once (last Saturday 4/11).  She really didn’t even know she did it and didn’t really understand why we were excited and high fiving her.

We will keep trying she is only 18 months and I am not trying to rush it.  As a treat for going pee in the potty I painted her toe and fingernails a very light sparkle pink.  She loves it and she sat pretty still while I did it.  She kept saying how pretty it was.

Pretty nails
Pretty nails

 But her real treat for peeing in the potty was getting to use toilet paper and flushing the toilet.


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