Planner Week 15

Last Thursday was my mother’s birthday so I had to put my book down for a few day to make her a gift.  I had seen a bunch of pins on Pinterest for these cute DIY decorative/useful bowls made from magazines.  I made her a set of three bowls to put on her large dest (I love her work space).

I also want to make one for myself.

We keep paper on out desk and sometimes in the middle of the dining room table, I wanted to make a paper tray out of out many old magazines.  This will make it easier to move the stacks of paper out of the way when it is time to eat.  I will share a post on both of these later.

Other than that this has been a pretty uneventful week.

No planner tep this week but I am still working on making a bag to keep my planner and notebook safe.  It will be very basic I just need to have a place to store these items when not in use.



Also I have been taping the edges of my planner again.  This time I am using washi tape not duct tape, it was just to big and super sticky once I made a mistake there was no fixing it.

This week I used days of the week washi tape from


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