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Scrapbook Saturday Pages 9&10

This weeks pages turned out great.  Almost all of the items I used on these pages come from my Mess Box subscription from ABeautifulMess.com.  I will talk more about my subscriptions later.

These pages are still from out day at Casa Bonita.

This one is of the kids eating.

casa bonita

I used a lined journaling card to list what they had for dinner and also added that we had sopapillas and honey for dessert and of course candy from a pinata.  I added in some fun hearts and circles in both “boy” colors and “girl” colors since I put both kids on one page.  I like how the journaling card makes the page have a listy feel to it and tried to add that same effect to the next page.

This page is all the fun things we did while there.

Casa Bonita

In the upper left corner I have a checklist that say “family, fun, play, laugh” all checked (this added to the listy feel I was going for in these two pages).  I also added hearts and circles to this page that way there was another theme that these pages had in common.  I used my new washi tape to hold down the pictures.  I love seeing the little pops of color under the shapes and letter stitchers.

Do you ever have the same these for certain pages or in a whole book?


2 thoughts on “Scrapbook Saturday Pages 9&10

  1. I try to stick to themes in my scrapbooking, I really do, but sometimes it inhibits my ability to share everything. I know with my daughter I’m trying to do a classic, illustrated fairy-tale like theme, but I’m very limited in choices and supplies…making it so very little has actually been completed ever in two years.


  2. I see how that could be hard. I am currently taking it two pages at a time, they can either be similar in a few ways or none at all, but I do like it much better the more the pages seem to go together.


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