Elementary School Days

Elementary School Days

Jordan kills me with how much he wants to stay up late.  He counts down the days until Friday when he can finally stay up late.  He tries every weekend, he can only make it an extra hour before he gets cranky, crying and pouting at every little thing.  Half an hour after that he is out cold.

One day this weekend we got home late, my husband and I took the kids out to Chuck E Cheese (he found a great deal online, $30 for 150 tokens and 500 tickets) we spent 2 hours there (5:30-7:30) then afterward we went to eat at IHop.  By this time Jordan was showing signs of being over tired.  He was antsy, he just wouldn’t stay in his seat.  Everything was just hilarious to him, granted everything he laughed at was funny but not as funny as he thought, he was on the verge of tears.  The last sign was that he wasn’t following directions, everything I asked him to do I had to ask multiple times.

We finally made it home at about 9 p.m.  Jordan without so much as a word turned on a show and laid down on the couch under a blanket and within minutes he was knocked out.

I had been joking all night that no sooner than we walk in the door Jordan was going straight to bed.  He said nope, he was going to stay up late watching TV because it’s the weekend, but as usual he was out without us having to tell him to go to bed.

Sometimes in the morning he will ask us if he made it and we always say nope you were the first one to fall asleep.  He thinks we put him to bed early (in his mind) to be mean but clearly he need his sleep, just kidding we need our quiet time.

See just look at the bags under his eyes.
See just look at the bags under his eyes.


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