DIY Magazine Bowls (Mother’s Birthday Present)

For my mother’s birthday I decided to make her a gift.

One of my mother’s favorite things to do is sit at her desk.  She works on her planner, decorating it and filling it in.  She also watches youtube videos on other people decorating their planner, how to save money and spend money wisely, and just random funny videos.  So I made her 3 decorative/useful bowls for her desk.  She can put paper clips, washi tape, or other small things she uses for her planner.  Also every time she sees them she will think of me.

These bowls were very easy to make but very time consuming.  I liked how they turned out and even want to put one together for our house, but it will be a large paper tray.


  • Magazines
  • knitting needle
  • glue gun
  • lots of glue sticks
  • old debit card


  1. Cut the magazine pages into stirps 3 inches wide.  I would use a paper cutter for this step because you will need a lot of strips to make a bowl of any useful size.wpid-20150420_204124.jpg
  2. Use the kitting needle to roll the srips into tubes starting at the corner.
  3. Slide the needle out and use the card to flatten it down.  Make sure it is as flat as possible because the paper will start to unroll.wpid-20150412_115814.jpg
  4. Once you have all you strip rolled and flattered you can now roll those up and glue the ends down at about 2-3 inches from the end.
  5. Now you can begin to assemble, and glue as you go, your bowl using the rolls you have just made.

magazine bowls

magazine bowlsmagazine bowlsmagazine bowls


You can make short round bowls, like I did for my mother, a paper tray, like I am going to make for myself, or any other shape/siz you can think of the possibilities are endless.


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