Planner Week 16

Last week was a bad week for me.  I have been feeling tired all day no matter how much sleep I get, I just feel like it isn’t enough.  I have also been having headaches that last almost all day, and Friday I had the worst neck and back ache I have ever had.  I think my sudden symptoms might be because of our string of winter like weather.

I hope this week goes better, it is already off to a good start, as out weather goes back to spring and hopefully stays that way.  With the weather warming up again we can start going to the park again, this may also have been my problem I was stuck inside too much.  I need more fresh air and sunlight.

I didn’t work on much this week, I think I only cross stitched once this week, didn’t read anything, nor did I do any crafting other than making my sister’s gifts which Jordan did most of the creative work.  I really need to get back into the swing of things pull myself out of this slump.  No naps for me this week, all work.

No planner tip this week obviously, let’s see what next week brings.

Planner week 16planner week 16


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