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Hide (Five Minute Friday)


Hide and seek this is what pops into my head when I see the word hide (I feel like I always say something about my kids or family for five minute friday).  But I love to play hide and seek with the kids, especially when Morgan (18 months old plays).  I have to distract her and run in the opposite direction so she can’t give away my hiding place, or I tell her to go with Jordan and help him find me, or stay with me and we will find Jordan together.

I love when I have a good hiding place and it takes Jordan over 30 minutes to find me.  He tries to trick me saying I can’t find you it’s too hard, or I don’t want to play anymore (but when I come out he says nevermind let’s play some more), one time when I had a really good hiding place he got tired of looking for me and started watching TV, I jumped out like really you’re just gonna watch TV instead of look for me were you going to tell me that you gave up.

We only have a small apartment but when you really get creative you can make a hide and seek game last all day.  One day that Jordan had off from school we literally played all day, except during Morgan’s nap that takes out a lot of hiding places and when can get really loud when we finally find the other.  Jordan is really easy to find sometimes he breathes so hard and just can’t be still.

Morgan got us good one time.  She started hiding behind a chair when she was able to finally get her hands on something is not supposed to have, this time her sunt was over and gave she some chapstick, we were calling her name checking every room twice and she finally just pooped out from behind the chair when she thought everyone was out of the room well I wasnt and she tried to run from me.


Boy kids are something else!


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