2015 Scrapbook · Scrapbooking

Scrapbook Saturday

This week I only did one page.  This was shortly after we went to Casa Bonita.  We saw a pirate show that Jordan thought was so funny.  While at his great grandmother’s house he put together a similar show for us.


For this pages I picked out two great action shows from my son’s show and placed those on the left.  On the pictures I stuck letter stickers that spell out “show time” and “action”

On the right I used a closed eye and lips journaling card (the kids had us laughing so hard)  I added another check list (director, audience, costumes, roles, lines, and applaud).  Then at the bottom I stacked two gift tags that I wrote out a little more detail on the great show my son put on for us.  I also added some more colorful hearts.

One new thing I tried out for this page was use a stapler to attach the journaling cards and check list.  I like the look (it looks like a boarder) and I love how easy it was to attach these cards to the page.  I used white brads to hold down the gift tags that way you can move them to read them.

The four pages I did before this I didn’t add in the dates of when the pictures were taken, I got tired of trying to piece together number stickers.  In my scrapbooking subscription I got a stamp that has two options to add the date to anything you want.  I stamped these five pages and when it dries I will write the date in.  I love this new stamp.



I used paint to add these I don’t mind how they look (I like the messy stamped look) but I also bought some ink pads today, which I will use when I don’t have time to pull out the paint.

What have you scrapbooked lately?


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