Elementary School Days

Elementary School Days


We went to IHop this past weekend, this has been out go to place lately when we just out of the blue want to go out to eat.

I have always loved their Stuffed French Toast Combo and I swear my husband gets something new every time, or maybe I am just too worried about my food too much to pay attentions, Morgan loves their chicken (her fave meat) and waffles, but the person who loves their food the most is Jordan.  He always orders breakfast, he always eats it all, he always finishes first, and once he is done he looks around to see whose food he could eat, starting with Morgan’s.

This is the only place where he will eat all of his food and then some.  He went to bed with a full hurting tummy.

I guess he takes after his dad, who is always asking me to make breakfast for dinner, but Jordan must not like mine as much as IHop’s.

We also like IHop because it is always dead (I am not sure how they are still in business) and we can be our normal loud selves, well my husband claims we are all loud but him.

Where do you kids like to eat, that place that they will eat every bite of food.

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