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Scrapbook Saturday

I saw a post last week on son about me scrapbook pages.  The idea is to fill a page of 10 fun random facts about yourself.  I wanted to of course take the idea and do something a little different with it, I wanted to make a page for both of our kids.

I just used some extra pictures of the kids doing regular everyday stuff.

To get started I put thier pictures in the upper left corner and in the right corner I used different elements to say “We love you 7 days a week.”  I chose this theme because I have a notepad that has 7 squares for each day of the week, it’s for To Dos but I thought it would be cute to use it in my scrapbook.

On each day I wrote something about them either that we love about them, what current things they like, and some funny stuff they have been doing and saying.

These pages are something that could be done yearly as way to show how your kids or yourself have grown or changed and document the funny stuff without having to make a whole page about each individual fact.

Jordan loved seeing a page just about him, I did this one on my own but next year I think I will have him help me a little.



What have you scrapbooked lately?


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