Planner week 17

What a week, everything went smoothly up until Friday.

Monday I got a ton of cleaning done, I even did some dusting done.  This helped me throughout the week because all I had to do was just light everyday straightening up.

Tuesday I got a call from Wendy’s, I had applied the week before and interviewed Sunday, they offered me the job.  This is only part time for now and only on the weekends because my husband’s work schedule has been crazy and it just makes it easier on us to not try to juggle two work schedules, Jordan’s school schedule and Morgan’s nap time with daycare or a family member.  But anyway they wanted me to come in to do orientation, watch some videos and fill out paperwork, well about an hour in the manager said we couldn’t go further because my ID was expired.  So off to the DMV I went.  It took over two hours and I didn’t have time to watch the videos so I had to go back in on Sunday to finish up.  I am just glad I didn’t have to take Morgan to the DMV and now I have another source of income.

My husband treated us to a great weekend of going out to eat and a little shopping but now Morgan and I have a cold.  She seems to be doing better but me not so much, hope to be better by Saturday for my first day at my new job and we will be watching the Mayweather fight afterward.

No tip this week either but I did do a bunch more washi taping to keep my pages safe.  I used a bunch of greens and yellows it looks like spring!  But you won’t see that until next week.



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