DIY New Blog Notebook

I am almost out of my current blog notebook (8 months of blogging in one notebook).  I know I am probably the only one who actually writes out their blog posts first but I get distracted easily or am multitasking, so when I write my blog posts I literally am writing them.  Then as I type them up I can make corrections, fix wording, and reorder my thoughts (sometimes I think of something else to put in but just write as my thoughts come in).

The notebook I am currently using has cute owls all over the front, the one I am moving into is just a plain black and white composition notebook, so of course I had to dress it up.  I decided to use duct tape that I still have from the Dollar Tree.


This was so simple to do and the results are priceless.

I just tore off long strips of duct tape dn laid them vertically across the whole notebook starting with the back and working my way to the front.  I folded down the ends of the tape to the inside of the cover as I went.

After I finished the with taping the cover, I added a gift tag, using double sided tape, that says “Tonya’s Blog Notebook.”


Now that this notebook looks so much better I can’t wait to use it.


How do you dress up your notebooks?  Do you somehow add you own personal touch, or do you leave it how you bought it?

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