Toddler Days

Toddler Days

Morgan’s potty training took off this week.  Everyday she goes pee in the potty at least twice a day.  She has only pooped in the potty once, but that was only because I caught her in the act and raced her to the potty.  I am going to try to do that more but it is hard now that she hides to poop, she comes out of hiding to tell us she pooped and runs off to get a new diaper.

When I put her on the potty we listen, when she pees I say “I hear it, do you hear it?”  We are always listening for something (trucks, dogs, sirens) so this has been helpful in encouraging her to pee.

When she is done we flush and watch the pee go down as we say “bye bye pee, see you later.”  She just loves to go now, we will definitely keep this up each day so she doesn’t forget that she likes to go potty.

Morgan's new hair style
Morgan’s new hair style

She is such a big girl!

What are you toddler’s up to?

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