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Hobby Lobby Run

Last week my husband had to work a Saturday, I think he felt bad to be gone an extra day that week so he gave us some extra money to keep us busy.  I of course spent mine on craft supplies.

I went to go check out the new craft section at Target that my sister told me about.  I was both empressed and disappointed.  I was impressed because they really improved their craft section.  They added at least two additional aiels, and countless new products, it almost looks like a mini Hobby Lobby, almost.  The variety just wasn’t there for me neither was the pricing, I can get so much more for my money at Hobby Lobby.

So I ended up at Hobby Lobby with my spending money.  Not only did I find many times that I actually wanted but it was all on sale, 50% off and even if it wasn’t I always have my 40% off coupon I get emailed to me weekly.

Although I wanted to get a lot, I didn’t I only got 3 (well 16) things for only$10.

I finally got some ink pads.  I usually stamp with paint but you can’t use too much otherwise it gets messy, so when I am in a rush stamp pads would be a much better choice.  It is a set of 12 bright colors, I have already used them and quite a bit, I just love them.


I also got 4 new washi tapes, a bright green and yellow with polka dots, blue and yellow flowers, and pink, green, and blue owls.  This tape is already all over my planner with plenty still left over.


This was such a small purchase that has served so many uses.


11 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby Run

  1. Hiya. Thank u so much for stopping by my blog and liking my page. It meant that I found u !
    Do they have Hobby Lobby shops throughout America. I am going to California in a couple of weeks and desperate to buy some more Washi tape. I thought Target would be a good bet ? Is there other shops where I can get it.
    Ari 😃


    1. I have no idea, I just know about the ones in Colorado. Target has lots of washi tape now but if you want better prices I would try to search for a Hobby Lobby when you get to California. I also shop at Michael’s and Joanna Fabrics those alarm the other two big chain craft stores.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol good glad you liked it, I have one just up the street from my house I almost have to close my eyes to stop myself from wanting to go shop everyday.


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