Planner Choice for 2016

So after weighing all my options I have made a decision on the type of planner I will be using for 2016.  Again I know you probably think I am crazy but I am no longer fond of the planner I have now.  I will finish out the year in it because I don’t want to waste my money.  I think I know exactly what I need in a planner and what better source to get it from than me.

I have decided to make my own planner.  I originally wanted to bind my own and may still bind something but I want to practice some first by maybe making some notebooks for the kids and me before I bind a planner.

To make this planner I bought a small binder instead, on sale at Target for only $1.73.  I am going to use letter size printer paper cut in half.  I will make my own two page monthly calendar and a page for each day of the year.


I already have a plan on how I want my daily pages to look.  I will draw a line down the middle of the page the right side is for To Dos and the left will be for notes about the day.  The To Do section is self explanatory but the notes part needs so explaining.

I like to make little notes of what we did that day, how we were feeling, how Morgan and I slept etc, and all of this gets mixed up in my current planner with the To Dos and I have to sift through it all to get to this information.  I would also like to use part of the left side for doodling, I haven’t been doing that much of course this doesn’t help me now, but I can work on that in my sketch book until I am ready to start using this planner.

I am very excited to get started on this big project and share it every step of the way with you.  I would love to get feedback on the layout of the planner as well as any ideas on how to make it better.  I will have some pictures up here soon to share my progress.

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