My Mother’s Day

For starts I am sick, not like last time, only two short weeks ago.  I am pretty sure we had and still have the Flu.  My husband and son had it first, they both were sent home ear from work/school.  Morgan and I got it Friday.  I took the kids to the Dr. but their lungs, ears, and throat were all clear.  We are all running fevers of 101 and above, I am missed work Mother’s day weekend at my new job and hope I don’t get fired over this.

I didn’t get to see my mom for Mother’s day nor have I finished up my mother’s gifts yet but it’s ok because we will be giving her her gifts probably next weekend hope to be well enough to get them done by then.

My mother in law was able to stop by for a little bit to get her gifts from us and bring the one we got for the kids’ great grandmother over to her.

Now on to how my day went.  My husband and son of course treated me like they always do for Mother’s day, all special.  The day before Mother’s day while they put my gift together they let me sleep for two whole hours this was a gift in and of itself.  Here is what they really gave me for Mother’s day:

This super cute hand  painted frame of the kids’ and my husbands hand prints.


Two sweet cards, one from my son and the other from my husband.


I also got a gift card to Hobby Lobby that was a little difficult to get, first they gave me a gift card envelope full of play money with “got em” written on it.  When I got up to blow my nose my husband ran to get the real gift card and made me call to  see how much was on it he would not tell me, at least it was for more than I was expecting.


Wish it could have gone better but at least I got to spend it with my husband and kids.

How was your Mother’s Day?  What did you do special for you mother or other moms in your life?


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