Planner Week 19

This was one bad week and weekend!

I am sick again as well as my husband and kids, but this was no ordinary cold, I am pretty sure we had the flu.  Jordan and my husband were sick first on Wednesday, and you know my husband is really sick when he leaves work early and misses a day (Friday).  Jordan was sent home early Thursday and hasn’t been back since.  Morgan and I started feeling sick Friday and by Sunday (Mother’s day was interesting more on that here) I was aching all over.

I thought we were getting better, one day we were good and the next day we were bad again, I guess that is how the flu works.  I can’t wait for this to be over.

My week was very unproductive all I could do was take care of myself and try to take care of the kids.

I had to miss my second weekend at my new job.  The managers seemed okay with me calling in (They had no choice with the list of symptoms I had as well as a fever).  I hope all is still well when I work this weekend.

Although we have been sick I have still been consistently taking Morgan to go potty at least twice a day.  She goes pee ever time and has pooped still only once and I am not sure when that will happen again, When I ask her if she want to poop on the potty she almost cries.


Well I hope this week goes better!

How was your week?


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