Elementary School Days

Elementary School Days

This is Jordan’s first day back at school since he was sent home early last Thursday with a fever.  Turned out he had the Flu and I am sure we all had it.

Jordan had been dreading going back to school all weekend, but I thought by Monday morning he would be ready to go back, well he wasn’t.  He woke up and the first thing he said was my teacher will give me a lot of homework.  I didn’t think that would be a problem he breezes through the homework anyway and his brain could use a little more stimulation.

He goes around telling people he would rather be at home with me and Morgan, but I thought he was bored the whole time.  We can only do certain this when Morgan is up otherwise it is a fight to keep her from destroying everything and When I put her down for nap we can get out anything we want by we  have to keep quite and that is not good for Jordan he doesn’t know how to be quite.  At least we know that he loves to be with us more than at school.

I keep telling him he only has three more weeks left then he can spend all summer with us, but until then we have to keep a positive attitude to help get through the day.

He knows I hate when he crosses his eyes, but he does it anyway.
He knows I hate when he crosses his eyes, but he does it anyway.

How are your kids holding up as the school year comes to an end?


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