Planner Week 20

Last week was not fun for us at all.  We were all pretty sick.  Jordan missed a whole week of school and I missed three days of work, the house went to shit, and I did not work on any of my craft projects.  Now that we are feeling much better I am hoping to turn all of that around.  I feel like all I do on here is complain about being sick, well I hope that this is the last time.

I did make it out to an interview last week for a full time nanny job, currently I work for teachers who will not need me during the summer and they are not sure if they will need me in the fall so I better start looking for a new job now, although I didn’t get the job every interview I go on helps me to make the next one better.

I better go I have a lot to do and a lot to catch up on.


Enjoy your week!


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