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DIY Leg Warmers for Toddlers

I have not crocheted in a long time and I hope that the people who followed my blog because I crochet are still out there.  After being sick for almost two weeks I had no motivation to work on current projects or projects that needed to be started.  I wanted to work on something spontaneous and after looking at Pinterest for a few minutes (my shortest time ever) I decided to make leg warmers for my toddler Morgan.

Now I know what you are thinking, Winter is over, but not here in Denver, CO.  It has been raining for the last three weeks and snowed last week.  The days are mostly chilly and the nights are always chilly.  So leg warmers are the perfect thing to keep my baby warm outsides without overheating her.

These were so easy to make.  I found a free pattern here, and my daughter absolutely loved them.  After I was about halfway through the first legwarmer I tried it on Morgan to make sure it fit, she lifted up her leg like she already knew where it was supposed to go.  Once I took it off of her to finish she tried to take them back to put it back on.




I have so much yarn I might whip up a few more for her and I am sure she will still be able to wear them again this fall.

If you would like me to make a pair for your toddler or any other toddlers in your life you can find them here in my etsy shop.

What have you crocheted lately?  Or have you put that up for the warm season and in that case what kinds of things do you do during the spring and summer months?


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