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Subscriptions (Happy Mail)

My other subscription is Happy Mail, which is also through abeautifulmess.com.

Each month I get at least 8 cards, 1 postcard, 1 print, stickers that can be used for sealing envelopes or in your planner, and most of the time a super cute notepad.


The cards I get are so cute and about half are blank which forces me to put more time, thought, and effort into making each card personal to the person I am giving it to.


The prints that I have received so far are so cute, they are all over my house.  The use great quotes and experiment with rose gold foil and glitter foil, they also do this with the cards.

I just love this Wi-Fi password print

My favorite part of this subscription is the notepads and stickers, these are the things I keep for myself.  I love to make lists so an almost monthly notepads makes sure I always have somewhere cute to write my lists.  I keep them all over the apartment too that way they are always handy, honestly if I don’t write something down within a few minutes it will be forgotten.


I am not getting paid to write this I just love there products and blog.  If you love giving cards but hate to go out and buy them each time, you should check out Happy Mail!


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