Planner Week 21

This past week was much better for my family and I.  We are all feeling much better and we were all able to go to work and school.  It was so nice to get back into our routine.  I was even able to get to a few things on my mental to do list, these were things around the house so I didn’t really have to write it down I could see what needed to be done every second I was trapped in the house.

I made a better craft area/craft storage area.  It makes the whole front of the apartment look cleaner and feel more open.

I also finished up a gift for the toddler I nanny, this is my last week with them, so I wanted to show them how much I enjoyed caring for their little girl.

I even added a few items to my etsy shop.  I definitely want to put more time into making new products and put more effort into advertising them this summer.

I have been using all my time and energy into making gifts, new items for my shop, and getting better and I haven’t really put the same amount into my new planner project or my current planner and I hope I can get back into that in the next few days, but at least I still get to look at all my cute washi tape when I am able to look at my planner.



Have a great rest of your week!


4 thoughts on “Planner Week 21

    1. Thank you, at least I become so productive after being sick I realize all the stuff I want to get done and once I am well again I promise myself I will do it all!

      I love getting messy while crafting but I have to start with a clean space first. I also feeling more creative because I am not limited in space and can clearly see what I have to work with.

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      1. I totally get that! I have a list of projects a mile long. And when you throw family in the mix…all the things you want to do go on the back burner. Get creating…one thing at a time! 😉


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