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DIY Dashboard/Divider Pages for Planners

After finishing up my daily pages for Jan 2016 I decided to go ahead and make the dividers for each month.  I wanted dividers for this planner to clearly mark where each month begins, I also added tabs that stick out a little to make it easier to read which month is which.

these were super easy to make and add a lot of color and fun to my planner.  I already had a ton of thick good quality scrapbook paper on hand, so I was able to make all 12 dividers in one sitting.  I included a DIY if you want to make you own or you can order some made by me here in my etsy shop.


  • Scrapbook paper
  • Mini binder
  • Paper cutter
  • Glue
  • Small letter stamps
  • Ink pads
  • Hole punch


  1. Cut down 12 pages of thick scrapbook paper to 5.5×8.5 inches using whatever pattern or color of your choice, using a paper cutter.  Using one of the pages line it up with the rings on your binder make where you need to punch holes, after you punch the holes you can use this as a guild and punch holes in the next 11 pages.wpid-20150527_130902.jpgwpid-20150527_130830.jpgwpid-20150527_131120.jpg
  2. Using scraps from the cut scrapbook paper to make the tabs cut down to 1×1.5 inches.  You will need 24 tab pieces one for the front of the page and one for the back.wpid-20150527_130935.jpg
  3. For the first page glue the tabs at the very top and make them stick out a little in order to be able to see what month each tab is.  When gluing each tab make sure to only use a small amount of glue and wipe off any excess.wpid-20150527_131409.jpg
  4. For the next page lay it on top of the first, this helps to make sure that this tab fits directly under the first and sticks out the same amount.wpid-20150527_135954.jpg
  5. Repeat step 4 for the next 8 pages, then start at the top again.wpid-20150527_131301.jpg
  6. Once all tabs are glued and dry you can stamp the first 3 letters of each month on the front of each tab and if you want you can do the same on the back as wellwpid-20150527_131147.jpg.



As you can see here I used many different colors and patterns.
As you can see here I used many different colors and patterns.

I have not decorated these divides yet but when I do I will share them here.

Do you have any DIY posts on how to make any kind of divider?  Please share them here in the comments below!

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