Elementary School Days

Elementary School Days

This was Jordan’s last week of school, he stared counting down the days last week.  I still don’t know what programs we will put him in this summer, maybe my husband and I should sit down and talk about this tonight!

I don’t mind entertaining the kids all summer but sometimes I would like a small break and I am sure Jordan will need one from us as well.  Also Jordan is a very smart kid who loves learning new things, so I need to make sure whatever he does this summer helps to teach him something new, I know quite a few things myself but am not always the most patient teacher.

I know for sure we will be visiting the library a lot, we have a summer reading program here that gives out prizes to kids who read over the summer like book, backpacks, and tickets to Elitches.  They also have fun shows and activities for kids both in Jordan’s age group and Morgan’s.

At least I have somewhat of a summer plan started, my son is getting older and will expect to have a fun filled summer, so I better start thinking of other things to do.

Of course we will be at the park at least one day a week.
Of course we will be at the park at least one day a week.

What will your kids be doing this summer?  I might need to use some of your ideas!


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