Planner Week 22

Yes the last week of May is over, I am ready to start fresh in June (and trust me I have but more on that next week!)

So Last time I told you that Morgan had bad hives, caused by medication used to treat her ear infection, well I am happy to say they are gone and I hope she never has to go through that again.  Now that she is hive free she is back to her normal happy self.

We had a BBQ for Memorial day, it’s nice to have an extra day for my husband especially since I have started working weekends.  Jordan was off again on Tuesday and was able to come nanny with me, it felt like I was caring for four toddlers.

I got some more organizing done and hope to continue to get a little done each week.  Last time it was my craft area and this time I did Morgan’s toy area, I put up a bunch of toys she doesn’t really play with anymore (all she does is dump them and walk away) and took out some of the ones I put up last time.  She doesn’t have many toys out and the living room looks great, don’t worry she still has plenty to keep her well entertained.  I should have done some before and after pictures and will try to remember to do that next time.

This was my last week at my nanny job and the search for a new one started weeks ago but now I am really working hard to find another one.  I have also been adding new items to my etsy shop in hopes to start bringing in money from my crafting hobby.

I finally made it over to my mom’s for a family day visit/Mother’s day.  She loved her gifts and her cards, I will share more on that in another post.

One other thing and I promise I am done, this is going on longer than planned, but I started reading a new book.  I had planned to read at least two books a month and so far I am failing at it but June is here and I can try again.  Another book review is coming soon.



Enjoy the rest of you week!


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