Toddler Days

Toddler Days

Morgan has been talking pretty well over the last two months, but this past week she has started putting together her own two-three word sentences.  We have told her how to ask for help, how to ask to be picked up or put up on the couch, showed her how to point at things she wants and say please, and told her to come on or come here when we need her to come in another room with us.

Now she uses all of that and what she has made up on her own (or maybe we have taught her this without even knowing it).

Here are some things she has started to say:

  • “Help me”
  • “Stop it” – whenever she is done playing a certain way or when we touch her with our feet
  • “Legs Down” – When we have our feet up on something
  • “My” – this means mine, the one word most parents try to avoid teaching this toddlers, now she say it when we are at out nanny job

These are just a few of the many things she says throughout the day, most of what she says are just the names of the objects she sees.

Some of her favorites are:

  • Bus
  • Truck
  • Motorcycle – if she sees any of the first three items while riding in the car that is all she is going to say the whole ride, over and over and over again.  Jordan just doesn’t get that that is what toddlers do no matter how annoying it is.
  • duck
  • dog
  • water
  • mess – which is any kind of dirt on the floor

What new things have your toddler’s been saying or doing?

Eating play food that she cooked in Jordan's old play kitchen.
Eating play food that she cooked in Jordan’s old play kitchen.

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