Planner Week 23

Yes, it is the first week of June and the last week before Jordan’s summer break!  This was a pretty stress free fun week.  I don’t think I mentioned this yet but my husband’s truck had to get worked on, it took almost two weeks but he finally got it back.

Jordan finally got to take his first swim in our apartment’s pool.  He acted like it had been open for months, like we haven’t been getting a ton of rain, like we were purposefully trying to keep him away from the pool.

I took Morgan to story time at the library we hadn’t been in weeks and she wouldn’t even participate but this time she did even if it was just a little.

We also took a trip out to Toys R Us not for toys that Jordan never plays with but for two new board games, I hope to do family game night at last once a week this summer.

Last week was supposed to be my first week off from my part time nanny job but they asked me to come in on Wednesday which was good because I could use the money, I don’t want to go too long in between jobs.

I had an interview last Friday at 9 and should hear back by the following Monday.  This family can offer me three times the hours I was getting at my last job and may even be able to bring Morgan and at this point I am willing to take any job even if I can’t bering Morgan.

This was also Jordan’s last week of school.  Friday was only a half day and he originally didn’t want to go but last minute changed his mind.  I am glad he did because he got two awards and got to see his student teacher again, who gave her number to Jordan in case he wanted to invite her to his birthday party.

And last but not least I found a local gift shop that sells homemade crafts mostly made by stay at home moms.  I hope to work up the nerve to send in pictures of items I have made, it would be great to have another place to sell my homemade items.

Like I said it was a great week!

Enjoy the rest of you week!




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