Elementary School Days

Bean Boozled Challenge

My son loves to watch people on Youtube do these crazy eating challenges, some that we have seen are the smoothie challenge, the pizza challenge, and the gross jelly bean challenge, which he has been wanting to do for a long time.

We finally got to do it.  The kids and I were running errands this week one of which was to return some clothes to Ross that didn’t fit.  While standing in line to pay for clothes that will fit, Jordan spotted a box of Bean Boozled.  I of course checked the price before I got too invested into what he was showing me, it only cost 4.99 by the way, not too bad.

At first I was excited to do this challenge.  We were going to do this as a family minus Morgan, anytime I can find something to do together that will make us laugh and give us a lasting memory, I am all for it.  I thought how bad can CANDY rotten eggs taste?






  • Stinky socks vs Tutti-Fruitti
  • Rotten Egg vs Buttered popcorn (both gross to me)
  • Barf vs Peach
  • Booger vs Juicy Pear (both gross for Dad)
  • Baby Wipes vs Coconut
  • Lawn clippings vs Lime
  • Toothpaste vs Berry Blue (both good for Jordan)
  • Canned dog food vs Chocolate pudding
  • Moldy cheese vs Caramel corn
  • Skunk spray vs Licorice

Well it was bad.  I could not continue the challenge.  I had already eaten four of the bad ones (I never got to try one of the good flavors).  I lost the challenge, but the boys continued on.

My husband threw up after the rotten egg but still continued on for his son, so he says I guess this means he is the better parent.  Jordan had to eat a bunch of blues in hopes that he would get toothpaste (the bad flavor) to clean out his mouth.

We all ate ice cream and then brushed our teeth followed by mouthwash for me to get rid of the taste.

This challenge was fun, but I will never complete it nor will I try again.  This is just another great story to talk about later.

Have you ever try or completed the Bean Boozled Challenge?

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