Elementary School Days

Elementary School Days

I interviewed for a new full time nanny job two weeks ago, did a two day trial run last week, and started my first full week this week.  Now that my husband and I (Morgan comes to work with me all but one day a week) are both working full time jobs we really needed to get a move on with finding Jordan a summer camp.

Options were limited this late in the season but we were able to find somewhere for him to go for the rest of the summer.

This camp we found at the YMCA by my new job is the works.  It is all day care five days a week, he goes on two field trips a week, goes swimming at least once a week, has plenty of free play/scheduled organized play in between, and on top of all that it is the cheapest summer camp I have ever seen.

Jordan is so exited to start next week and so am I.  I am glad he won’t be stuck in the house all summer, he will get to experience some of the neat places we have around the city (most of which I have never been to), he will get to play with kids his own age, and hopefully learn something.


I will update you on how his first week goes, he has done camp before but not full time it was only a few hours one day a week at Great Play, this is definitely a step up.

What summer activities do you have planned for you kids?


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