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Fear (Five Minute Friday)


I fear I may loose my mind this summer.

My toddler is going through what seems to be terrible twos.  She is cranky all day long.  She won’t eat for me.  We can play happily together but at any moment she can just flip out.  Throwing a huge fit hitting herself and kicking her legs.  I just put her in a time out and tell her to come out when she is all done.  She usually snaps out of it within seconds but her happiness only lasts about that long too.  I will just try to keep myself calm and hope that she will eventually match my mood.

My second grader is going through this non listening phase.  We tell him to do something and he says ok but seconds later he has either forgotten or never heard us in the first place, he has moved on to something he wants to do.  And it’s not just when we want him to do something it is more than 75% of what we say goes in one ear and out the other if the words ever made it into his ear in the first place.  I don’t what to do about this, but I am at least going to try what I have been with my toddler, just keep calm and maybe we will make it out of this summer alive.



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