Mom’s One Line a Day (A Five Year Memory Book)

This is what my mother got me for Mother’s day.  These types of journals work best for me.  I love to make notes in my planner about how the kids’ day went, how the husband’s day at work went, like if he had to work super late or is having dinner with his boss, and my day/night went I have not had a really good night sleep since I was pregnant with my daughter over two years ago; but in my planner they get lost in all my To Dos and when the year is up I toss the planner right along with our families notes.



With this five-year memory book I can just take a minute or two at the end of the day and jot down one major event of the day for both kids.  That’s not long at all, with other journals you have tons of lines that you feel obligated to use, this one only has six lines per day.  Also this journal lasts 5 years and with each new year I can look back on the previous years to see what stood out with the kids on that particular day.  This was a great gift from my mom, I hopefully was able to show my appreciation through the gift I got her.

Originally I wanted to plant some lemon seedlings to use as a natural air freshener and I wanted to make her some cat stamps (she has two cats thats she loves very much) to use in her planner, but neither worked out how I planed.

The seedlings didn’t take I want to try again maybe use a different kind of lemon or buy some lemon tree seeds.  The stamps I tried to make her only 1 out of 3 turned out how I wanted.  I tried to make her stamps out of glue from a DIY pin I had seen on Pinterest.

I ended up giving her:

  • the one good stamp and a stamp pad
  • some clippings from my very large bamboo plant that I put in a mason jar decorated with washi tape
  • a $25 Amazon gift card that she spent all that same day
  • two paintings from the kids.

All of which she loved.

I also gave her a card that stated how I understood that she only did her best in raising us and although I hadn’t appreciated it then I do now and hope I can do the same for my kids.  It was a great belated Mother’s Day for us.

Now I need to get moving on Father’s Day for my husband.  I already know what I want to get him, I just need to find time to go out and get it.

Hope your Mother’s day went well and that Father’s Day goes just as smooth!

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