Planner Week 24

Another good week although it was a little hectic, I think this is why Morgan (my toddler) has been so cranky.

The nanny job I interviewed for two weeks ago had me come in for a two day trial run with Morgan.  They both worked from home and by the end of the day I was sure I had the job, they even said it went well but that they were going to talk it over still and let me know the next day.  Needless to say I got the job and it is super long term at least two years and could be much longer if they have more children.

The job is not too far from the house but it is far from where the kids grandparents live so we need to find a camp closer to the house to avoid too many miles on the car and a restless toddler.

The kids and i had a stomach bug over the weekend, nothing too major but it seems like every time Morgan gets sick I have to retrain her on how to eat, it’s like she forgets she likes solid food.  Thankfully it only lasted the weekend.

Hope you week went just as good as ours did, minus the sick part.



Enjoy the rest of you week!

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