Toddler Days

Toddler Days

Morgan and her non-stop talking self talks about herself in third person.  Jordan never did this when he was a toddler and I could never understand why other toddlers I cared for talked about themselves in third person.  We now I do…It’s the parents’ fault.

Whenever Morgan and I play together or are doing anything together really, I say Morgan can do this Morgan can do that.  I haven’t noticed if my husband does the same thing but I will be paying attention from now on.  I also say mommy is doing this and Morgan should be doing whatever it is that I need or want her to do while I am busy, and in this instance Morgan thinks that I talk about myself this way and so should she.  I do try to add in you, me, I , she, etc after I say her name or whatever other person we are talking about.

I don’t mind at all that she talks in third person in fact I think it’s cute.  Just the other day I asked if she wanted me to make her a cheese quesadilla, her response was “Dia Morgan.”  I also know this isn’t the proper way to talk and that I should be correcting her and I do just not all the time, but I do know she will grow out of it one day just as I have seen countless other children do, but for now I want to enjoy her cute way of talking.

Morgan loves to scoop and dump water, she can work on this for hours
Morgan loves to scoop and dump water, she can work on this for hours

What cute/funny things do your toddlers say?  How do you go about correcting them?  Or do you just let them continue to say it wrong because it is so cute?


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