Planner Week #25 & Tip #10

This was my first full week at my new nanny job.  I am still trying to learn how they do things to not only keep our day running smoothly but to also make sure that the parents can easily pick up where I left off when they get home and aren’t left with a ton of cleaning to do as well.  So far I think it is going well and that I should be pretty much set with a job for at least the next two years.

Other than working I have been trying to keep up with the house.  After being at work all day I don’t really want to come home and clean but I do, at least until my husband and son come home, then it’s family time.

I have done little crafting this week.  I only really worked on my current planner and my 2016 planner.  I also did a little craft with my daughter.  I made her and I an ankle bracelet while she sorted beads, she is getting pretty good at recognizing her colors.

I think I may put the one I made for myself in my shop.  It turned out so cute and I have plenty of supplies to make more.

I know I haven’t had a planner tip on here in a while and this may be my last, I might start coming up with new ways to decorate your planners but for now my planner tip to you is…

Make room in you planner as you go.  If you have one of those spiral planners like I do, you may notice if getting heavier or that the front of the planner looks a little ragged.  I fix this problem by ripping out one month starting 6 months in.  To explain better at the end of June (month 6) I rip out January then at the end of next month, July, I rip out February, and so on.  I occasionally have to look back to see when a particular event happened but it’s rare that I look back more than 6 months, and who wants to be carrying all that extra weight anyways.



As always enjoy the rest of your week!


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